Custom Lasik

What is wave front Lasik?
Wave front-guided LASIK, also referred  as custom LASIK or wavefront LASIK, is similar to conventional LASIK, except that in addition to treating a patient’s basic refractive error, specific alterations in a patient’s eye with high order aberrations can also be treated.
Custom LASIK laser treatments are based upon the unique visual characteristics of your eye.
Custom LASIK involves measuring the eye from front to back with a special laser, using what’s called “wavefront” technology, to create a three-dimensional (3-D) image of the eye. The information contained in the wavefront-map guides the laser in customizing the treatment to your individual visual system.
This laser has been found to reduce the aforementioned complications such as glare, halos, and other night time visual aberrations that can occasionally occur with conventional treatments.
Possible Benefits of Custom LASIK
Custom LASIK wavefront technology is revolutionary because it has the potential to improve not only the quantity of your vision, but also the quality of how well you can see
How much you see depends on what lower-order and higher-order aberrations you have
Custom LASIK has the potential to treat both lower-and higher order aberrations.