Foundation of Ophthalmic & Optometry Research Education Centre

Diploma in Ophthalmic Techniques

The purpose of the course is to develop human resource, which could be utilized for the implementation of National Programme of visual impairment and control of Blindness. This training will enable the trainee to become a competent person in providing services in ophthalmic techniques to the community in urban, semi urban and rural settings.

With the advent of National Programme for prevention of Blindness- India in 1976 it was envisaged that para ophthalmic personnel produced as optometrists and Refractionists it is inadequate to deal with the problems in clinics, Hospitals and at primary level (PHC) and below, secondary (community Health Centers and District Hospitals) and Tertiary (Medical colleges, big eye centers and Hospitals, Eye Institutes). Therefore a better class of personnel which is more broad based (Ophthalmic Assistant/Technologist) was envisaged who, besides functioning primarily as an optometrists and Refractionist could also perform various other jobs necessary at all levels.

  1. A self-employed technologist, Refractionist and / or optometrist.
  2. As an assistant in the private sector trade establishments, to ophthalmic surgeons in their clinics or practices and general practitioners practicing in Ophthalmology.
  3. Employment under the government or semi government organizations as ophthalmic assistants at various levels in ophthalmic care establishments in various centers, if the Govt, so desires and at its discretion through the employment exchange.



    1. To prepare the students to assist the eye specialist in big Eye Hospitals, Eye Health care units etc.
    2. To enable student to prescribe eye ball exercises to squint eyed patients and those with muscular imbalances.
    3. To enable student to estimate error of refraction and be able to prescribe glasses under supervision.
    4. To enable students to get themselves self-employed as optician, optometrists and Refractionists.
    5. To enable students to get themselves to maintain ophthalmic equipment.


Diploma in ophthalmic Techniques is a full time course of three year duration. The course commences is divided into four semester of six month each. The third year apprenticeship is devoted to clinical and practical work. There will be examination after the apprenticeship and assessment will be done.

The diploma holder will play a vital role in providing eye care to patients and preventing blindness and vision threatening diseases.